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Primordial Knife Preorder

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This is my first production knife release under my brand. I worked very closely with my good friends at WE knives to bring something to market of the highest possible quality at a price point that does not make it unobtainable for the normal working person such as myself.

This knife was designed on paper by me and moved into CAD with the help of my friend Elijah Isham. After that, the initial CAD renderings were sent to WE and we have worked many long hours perfecting the overall design.

This will be a great knife for EDC. I designed this to be a 3.25" blade made of M390. The scales are titanium with carbon fiber overlays. It runs on ceramic bearings. This knife features my favorite blade shape, the clip point, or modified Bowie. This first run will come with a slight re-curve for enhanced cutting ability in certain situations. These will be available in a stonewashed finish, black stonewashed finish, or a blasted finish.

The preorder price on these will be $245 for all 3 finishes. There will be a limited number of each finish offered for preorder. Once they are all sold, no more will be offered until after all preorders have shipped. I speak with WE Knife, the manufacturer, once or twice a week about progress. Everything appears that we are on track for an end of September completion. If anything changes I will make sure that everyone is informed.


OAL: 7.25"
Blade Length: 3.25"
Weight: 3.02 oz
Blade Steel: M390
Handle Material: Titanium and Carbon Fiber
Harware: Stainless Steel
Clip and Spacer: Titanium

Option 1 Finish: Black PVD stonewashed blade with black stonewashed handles/ clip/ spacer
Option 2 Finish: Stonewashed blade, handle, clip, and spacer.
Option 3 Finish: Bead blasted blade with stonewashed handle, clip, and spacer.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support on this project. It has definitely been a long time coming and I am extremely excited to be so close to finally putting these in the hands of customers! For more pictures, videos, and updates, make sure to check me out on Instagram @apurvisblades.