Progeny-MR Black G10

The Progeny-MR is my first release of a more budget friendly model. The overall size is the same as the original Progeny. The difference on this model is it features a nested liner lock. This knife comes with a 154cm blade, titanium clip, standoffs, and stainless hardware. It also features the upgraded pivot that is captured on the show side with the T8 on the lock side for disassembly. These knives were produced by Bestech for me and are complete at the factory. They should be shipping to me by May 25th and my hope is to receive them and have them headed out to customers in about a month. My goal with this knife is a high quality knife that does not break the bank. Something that is a joy to use without the fear of damaging something too expensive.




Blade Steel: 154cm

Blade Finish: Satin with Satin Flats

Blade Length: 3.25"

Blade Thickness: 0.140"

Overall Length: 7.6"

Closed Length: 4.3"

Hardware: Stainless (Satin)

Back Spacer: Standoffs

Pocket Clip: Titanium

Handle Material: Black G10


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