Primordial MK2 with Satin Blade

UPDATE: Shipping in in full swing. If you order now, expect shipment within 3 days or sooner depending on order date.


I am excited to announce the release of my third production knife, and the second in the Primordial line. A lot of time and testing went into this design to make sure it would be a knife optimized for EDC. This knife comes with multiple choices allowing for more customization by the owner. I am excited to offer this knife with not only finish options, but also interchangeable overlays.


The goal with this knife follows along with that of the first two. That would be, a lot of knife for an affordable price. Producing a knife with superior materials is easy, but taking the time to make sure everything is correct before it comes to market is not.


Production time on these knives is expected to be 90 days barring in unforeseen issues. As in the past, any pertinent information I receive will be passed along to everyone. Thanks so much for your interest in this project and I very much look forward to getting these into everyone's hands!


Blade Length: 3.7"

Overall Length: 8"

Blade Thickness: 0.135"

Blade Grind: Flat

Blade Steel: M390

Handle Material: Titanium with overlays

Harware: Stainless Steel

Clip and Spacer: Titanium 

All screws are T8 torx. 


You will have the option to choose your preferred knife finish and one handle scale option. If you would like the other two scale options, the pre-order price is $18. This will allow you to have all 3 scale sets to choose from. The three options are marble carbon fiber, orange G10, and OD G10. There are a limited number of Timascus clips being offered at the pre-order price of $99.


The default scale the knife will ship with is marble carbon fiber. If you would prefer a different scale with your knife, and are not ordering the package, please make a note of which scale choice you would like. This will be the scale included with your knife if you are only receiving one set.


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