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Rook Preorder: Hand Rubbed Satin Blade with Black/Bronze Titanium and Burl Wood Scales

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We are extremely pleased to release the Rook as the newest knife in the A Purvis Blades production lineup. The goal was to create a traditional looking knife with modern features and materials. Lightweight, slim, and easy to carry, without sacrificing performance. This is also the first front flipper that we have offered and we feel it is the perfect design to bring it to life. Thank you so much for your Rook order, and we can not wait to get your new knife into your pocket and EDC rotation!


This version of the Rook has been captured as closely as possible in the rendering. Please refer to the additional pictures to show a better example of the titanium finish and the Burl Wood scales. On this option, you will have a hand rubbed satin blade, black/bronze titanium handles, and burl wood scales. This version also has satin hardware with black/bronze titanium clip and back spacer. A modern take on a classic knife that many of us saw in the pockets of our fathers and grandfathers.

Blade Steel: 20CV

Handle Material: Titanium

Hardware: Titanium

Blade Length: 3.30"

Cutting Edge: 3.20"

Overall Length: 7.50"

Weight: 2.45 oz

Once preorders are closed, the order will be placed. Typical completion time is expected to be 120-150 days. As updates are received, information will be provided through social medial and e-mail. My goal is to always keep everyone as informed as possible while we move through this process.

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